Industrial Calibration - Temperature Dry Blocks

Advanced Range

The ADVANCED range of Dry Blocks and Multi-Function Calibrators have extra features and improved performance over the Isotech BASIC and SITE Models. Benefits include up to three input channels, advanced logging and full colour display

Multi Function Calibrators

These models cover from -45°C to 250°C with unrivalled flexibility. Use as a Dry Block, A stirred liquid bath, Ice Point, Surface Sensor calibration, Infrared thermometers Calibrator and even use as an ITS-90 Fixed Point System.

Dry Block Calibrators

Dry blocks covering from -100°C to 1200°C. Portable with a range of calibration volumes offering immersion depth from 100 to 300mm.


Fast Calibrators

FAST-CALs work from -35°C to 650°C in three ranges offering cost effective, fast and portable calibration. Also two Handheld Quick-Cal models.


A six decade resistance box for RTD simulation and high accuracy Thermocouple simulator that can measure and source.

Industrial Calibration - Sensors

Reference Probes

Semi Standard PRTS

Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers, -196°C to 670°C across the range.

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Semi Standard Thermocouples

Multiple Applications, 0 to 1300°C.

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Infrared Calibrators - Infrared Blackbody Sources

General Purpose

Portable fast response sources to check and calibrate IR thermometers, at body temperature and to 350°C.

High Emissivity Blackbody Sources

High emissivity primary sources for the laboratory, from negative temperatures to 1300°C.

Fixed Point Cells For Blackbody Sources

ITS-90 Fixed Point cells to suit Isotech Blackbody Sources, for a low uncertainty absolute calibration system. From Gallium to Copper. High temperature cells require the gas flow system.

Precision Thermometers

milliK Precision Thermometer

SPRT, PRT, Thermocouple, Thermistor and 4 - 20mA Precision Thermometer, 0.003°C Accuracy. Expandable for multi channel operation.


Dual Channel SPRT/PRT Indicator, 0.001°C Accuracy.


PRT and Thermocouple Indicator 0.01°C Accuracy.


High Accuracy Handheld Thermometer, 0.01°C Accuracy.