Compressed air leak detector NL Camera




Compressed air leak detector NL Camera P001

The NL Camera is an easy-to-use, stand-alone device for detecting and localizing partial discharges in medium and high voltage electrical systems during routine inspections. The NL Camera utilizes 124 microphones to find sounds emitted by partial discharges—even when they are completely inaudible to the human ear. Sound appears before components start to heat up, and the NL Camera enables detecting problems at an early stage.

The NL Camera instantly shows the located partial discharges on the camera view, allowing users to pinpoint and report possible problems effortlessly. The NL Camera quickly scans large areas from a distance, locating problems in power grids from more than 130 meters away. The NL Camera detects 50/60 Hz partial discharges automatically and displays the PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) Pattern.

Is it a bad connection? Perhaps a faulty insulator? The included NL Cloud software instantly determines the partial discharge’s severity and gives you action recommendations. The NL Camera Viewer and NL Camera Viewer Pro offline software are for those who cannot use WiFi.


  • Pinpoints tiny leaks and shows leak size and cost estimate
  • More accurate and faster than other leak detectors and methods
  • The machine learning-powered NL Cloud service offers advanced analytics and reports
  • Scans large areas quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Fits any stage of your maintenance cycle